I started hats by madi during quarantine of 2020 as a fun little side hobby and it has turned into something I could have NEVER imagined. From pressing hats with an iron on the kitchen table, making my guest room and garage a mini warehouse for 2 years, finally moving into an actual warehouse with my (now) team of 5 women, traveling to wholesale markets showing my hats to potential retail buyers, meeting other small business owners who I now call friends, selling hats to 600+ boutiques all over the US, & now have our hats in Buckle, a big box retailers (+ one more coming soon…) I could go on and on. I am so thankful! 

So much has changed over the past three years since starting HBM and I figured it was time to revamp the business. With that being said… we are officially trademarked as MADLEY!  We are still going to be your go-to custom trucker hat business but we are now going to add more custom sweatshirts, tees and accessories too! My goal is to appeal to women of all ages from college students to working women and mom’s on the go… we will always have something for everyone! As we say goodbye to hats by madi, I want to thank all of the most amazing, loyal customers who have supported us over the last three years. Thank you to my team, my customers and my retail buyers that has made this so enjoyable. I can’t wait to continue this dream as madley & keep making everyone’s favorite custom apparel. 

XO, Madi 💗



When Madi isn’t at the HBM HQ, you can find her at a hot yoga class or cuddling with her dogs, Bennie & Jett. She loves a good ole’ glass of Pinot Grigio + a night in to watch true crime documentaries with her fiancé, Drew!



Lexy is our order fulfillment manager! She enjoys spending time with her son, Connor and dog, Lilo! You’ll never catch her turning down a Dr. Pepper or a beer and is always down for a trip to the beach.



Sydney is the brains behind all of our screen print decals that you see on the hats AND is our wholesale manager! You will find her at Starbucks or at Chuys sipping on an *extra spicy* marg. Some of her favorite hobbies include hanging with friends and playing with her dogs, Bear and Aspen!


Kylie: Creative Director. When Kylie isn’t planning photoshoots, she can be found hanging with friends and sipping on an iced matcha. In her free time, she models for local businesses and loves a good self care moment.



Alexa is the queen of content! You will see her in almost every HBM TikTok + Instagram Reel. She loves ranch on anything and everything. If she’s not traveling, you can find her planning content. And yes … she is a TikTok star, obviously!